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Can you make prints?

We currently do not offer prints. We provide digital photos and negatives only.

Do you develop disposable cameras?

Yes, we do! We recommend leaving the film inside the camera when shipping as it doubles as protection for the film roll. We recycle all of our disposable cameras after processing.

Do you do half-frame or panoramic film?

Yes, we do!

Where do I ship my film?

Once an order is placed, you will receive an email with an address to send your film to along with your order confirmation. We suggest using a service like Pirate Ship to get the lowest rates on shipping your film. If you do not receive this email soon after placing an order, check your spam folder before contacting us. Otherwise, send us an email and we’ll resend your confirmation email.

How should I ship my film to you?

We recommend shipping your film in a bubble mailer. Once we receive your order, you will receive an email confirmation.

How long will it take to get my scans?

Once we have received your film, processing and scanning can take 5-7 business days after we send your “Order Received” email. Please ensure you send your order as soon as it’s placed as we prioritize newer orders that are received the same week they are purchased.

How will I get my scans?

Scans are sent via a WeTransfer link. Files automatically expire after 1 week.

How and when will I get my negatives?

If you chose to get your negatives, negatives are cut and sleeved into PrintFile 35-7BXW Negative Pages. These have binder holes for organizing. They are then shipped through the provider you chose. Because these are sleeved by hand, it can take 2-5 business days after sending out your digital scans to ship out your negatives.

Im not sure if I properly exposed my film. What if my roll turns out blank?

We unfortunately do not offer refunds.