Common Questions

Where do I send my film?

Sending your film

When you purchase development, we send an automatic email containing the address to send your film to. If you did not receive this email, double check that you are opted to get emails from us and that you did input an email at checkout. If you still fail to get this email, mail-in film to 22332 Eyota Rd Suite 2/3 Apple Valley, CA 92308

How long do you take to process?

We take pride in our work and work around the clock to make sure we get your scans sent to you in a timely manner. Please take into account that scanning sizes may increase time along with special processing such as pushing/pulling, panoramic, or half frame rolls. See below for estimated turnaround times:

Small Orders (1-2 rolls): Within 7 days

All other orders take between 1-14 business days

Orders 10+ rolls do not have a guaranteed estimated turnaround time

Why does it take 'x' amount of days to get my film back? We look at every single photo that comes through the lab. We want to make sure you are satisfied, we treat your photos like they are OURS! We get over 100 rolls a week, and we take pride in our work! We hope you understand!

How do you ship back negatives?

Receiving Your Negatives

At checkout, you have the option to have your negatives shipped back to you, via USPS.When you request your negatives to be returned, we hand-cut and use industry-standard PrintFile archival negative sleeves. 35mm is cut into strips of six – we never use cheap 4-frame automatic minilab sleevers. Negatives will be ready for contact printing or archiving in binders.

My film showed up but I haven’t gotten any emails?

Deliveries are only picked up on Mondays and logged same-day. Rest assured, if your film says it arrived by your carrier but it hasn’t been logged yet, wait until Monday, it’ll get logged right away! We do this to assure we can promptly get through the orders since we get over 100 rolls sent in a week.

Do you process disposables?

Services Offered

We develop disposables! Each disposable camera counts as one roll of 35mm film. No need to remove the film from the disposable - it provides adequate protection during transit, and we ensure proper recycling.

Why is my B/W film taking longer?

Why is my B/W film taking longer?

We process our B/W film with ONLY the best Kodak Professional chemistry. B/W film requires special treatment vs. traditional color film when processed. We want to have you super ecstatic about your photos so we wait until we have enough of a certain roll to process it in it's own special batch. For example - we wait until we have x rolls of T-Max 400 to process it, as processing T-Max with HP5, for example, will result in subpar photos.

Do you process expired film?

Expired film

Expired film? Absolutely! We can develop expired 35mm C-41 film. Please note that older films might display color shifts, increased grain, or darker images due to expiration or improper storage.

Do you provide shipping labels?

Shipping Labels and Addresses

We do not provide shipping labels for free; the cost of film development covers development and scanning only. Automated emails containing shipping information are sent post-purchase. For any concerns or if you haven't received this information within 10-20 minutes, reach out to us, checking your spam folders too.

Do you offer refunds?

Refunds and Order Status

We regret to inform you that we do not offer refunds for blank rolls or canceled orders. We are a small indie lab, and processing still takes time regardless of the film's outcome.

Should I get my negatives back?

Negatives Are Vital

It's crucial to keep your negatives; they're the original form of your photograph. If digital files are lost, your negatives serve as a backup. We ship your negatives back through USPS, cut and sleeved.

What do you use to process my film?

This is how we develop your film!

I use a Noritsu T15 Automatic Processor for C-41 and a Jobo CPP2 for B/W! This B/W machine
regulates temperature and has rotary agitation ensuring consistency of
development throughout the roll.

What do you use to scan?

Only the best scans for you!

We use only the best for our customers! We are equipped with Kodak Pakon 135+ Minilab Scanners to provide you with high quality scans and dust removal!

Why was I charged shipping?

This is for your negatives to be returned! If you are mailing in your film, we do in fact do not charge to return them - but shipping costs do incur. Please rest assured that money doesn’t go to us. But to the carrier.

Shipping Tips and Advice

If you're unsure about shipping your film, visit our dedicated page on shipping tips below. Additionally, we recommend using PirateShip for the most economical shipping rates.

Order Completion and Scans

Upon completion, an email with your film scans will be sent to the contact information provided at checkout, directly from our file transfer service, WeTransfer. Remember to download your scans promptly, as the link expires in 7 days.

Turnaround Times and Delays

Our turnaround times are in business days, excluding weekends or holidays. In case of any delays, primarily check your inbox and spam/junk folders for emails from WeTransfer. Contact us if the full turnaround time has passed without receiving your scans.

We appreciate your trust in Laguna Photo Lab for your film development needs. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we are committed to providing the best service possible. Thank you for your support!


Upon completing the purchase of any film development service through our website, the next step involves shipping your film to us. To ensure a smooth process, here are some valuable tips and tricks for efficient shipping:

  1. Clear and Legible Information: It's crucial to provide legible information on the order form or note within the package. Your name, phone number, and email are necessary for identification. Without this essential information, processing your film might be delayed.

  2. Protective Packaging: We highly recommend using a bubble mailer, padded envelope, or a small box with adequate bubble wrap or padding to safeguard your film during transit. Avoid using regular letter envelopes or clasped paper envelopes, as they are more susceptible to damage.

  3. For Multiple Rolls: If shipping multiple rolls, a heavy-duty ziplock bag can be a practical way to keep them organized and protected.

  4. Appropriate Shipping Label: Utilize a shipping label instead of stamps to prevent complications. Instances have arisen where additional postage charges were necessary due to the use of stamps. Using a tracked shipping label ensures the smooth processing of your shipment and allows you to track its status.

  5. Tracking Number Documentation: Capture a photo of your tracking number for personal reference. This assists in monitoring the shipment's status without needing to share this information with us.

  6. Estimated Shipping Time: Typically, packages are processed within 3-12 business days upon entering the system. Located in Southern California, we usually receive mail within 2-5 days from almost anywhere in the country. Keep an eye on your tracking number for updates, as we collect mail 1-2 times a week and might not send an immediate 'Film Received' confirmation upon delivery.

  7. Cost-Effective Shipping with PirateShip: For the best shipping rates, consider using PirateShip, which offers cost-effective solutions.

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